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Halloween Party Printable's Pink


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Printing it Pretty design and print unique birthday personalised stickers in the UK Personalised Birthday Stickers,pinks and black Halloween stickers. Our birthday personalised stickers are ideal for sealing party bags,adding to sweet cones, cello bags, sweet boxes as well as other favour items. Personalised birthday stickers Each birthday sticker comes with the name/date if applicable required Each sticker is an identical design per sheet and are printed onto an A4 sheet. eg each 35 stickers per page will be identical The stickers are available in different sizes. Sizes Available are:-

    • 6 stickers per sheet 9.8cm diameter
    • 15 stickers per sheet 5cm diameter
    • 24 stickers per sheet 4.5cm diameter
    • 35 stickers per sheet 3.5cm diameter
    • 48 stickers per sheet 3cm diameter
The stickers are printed using commercial quality printers and produce a slight gloss finish. As a guide the most common size for a party sweet cone is either 24 or 35 stickers per sheet Please consider the size when ordering. The name needs to fit the space available and longer names can become too small to read especially on the 48 sticker size.


Halloween Party Printable’s

Halloween Party printable’s  in pink colourway by Printing It Pretty. This is a digital download file only and a physical product will not be sent.

You will need access to a printer to use this file

Our birthday party printable’s  are the perfect addition for your Halloween themed party.

Printable party pack contains everything you need to throw the perfect kids Halloween party.

This Halloween Birthday Party Set is the perfect addition to your party decor!

♥ Invitation Card is 5 in * 7 in and 2 cards on a (A4) page
♥ “Thank You for Coming” & “Here’s a Treat For You” Cards on a (A4) page.
♥ Cupcake Toppers 3 in * 3 in and 12 circles on a (A4) page.
♥ Water bottle labels : 9 in * 3 in wrappers in 3 different colors. 3 cards on a (A4) page.
♥ Favour bag toppers 4 in * 2 in 6 cards on a (A4) page.

All files are printable on A4 sheet of paper 21cms x 29 cms-standard Uk photocopy paper size

Including in the Halloween Party Printable file are

  1. Garland, comprising of 12 items
  2. Straw toppers
  3. Water Bottle Wrappers
  4. Cake toppers
  5. Display card “Here’s a Treat for you”



There are 12 items in the  


Straw Toppers

These are a super simple way to add a bit of extra fun to your party.

Just fold them in half and attach to your straw with some clear tape! It helps kids keep track of which one is theirs,

AND it becomes a fun flag toy when they’re done drinking!

Water Bottle Labels

Cut them out and stick them onto a small bottle of water, juice or fizzy drink

and you can tell the kids they are all sorts of nasty potions!

I love to add a few drops of black or blue food colouring into some lemonade to really give it that Zombie Juice look!

Cup cake Flags

These are a super simple way to add a bit of extra fun to your party.

Just fold them in half and attach to your tooth pick with some clear tape


1) Sticker Sizes are:-
2) To order:-
  • Firstly choose the required sticker size
  • Secondly choose the number of sheets.
  • Lastly add the name(s)
  • Consider the length of the name(s) required because, the longer the name the smaller the text becomes.
  • Long or double names for example are especially hard to read on the 48 per sheet sticker size.
3) Sticker Information:-
  • You will receive identical stickers on each A4 sheet.
  • We cannot split sheets or personalise each label separately.
  • The most common size for a party sweet cone is either 24 or 35 stickers per sheet.
4) Downloadable:-
  • This is a downloadable digital file only that is suitable for printing at home.
  • The files are A4 photocopy paper size in the U.K.
  • Files are usually instant download but may take a few minutes.
5) Returns:
  • Downloadable items are unfortunately not refundable.
  • We are human and from time to time mistakes can happen,
  • In the event that we have made a mistake, please message us via our Contact Us page, in this situation we will request a photo of the mistake and under those circumstances a replacement will be sent straight away.

Halloween Party Printable’s Pink





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