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Printing it pretty about us

We love to design and to make beautiful customised items, taking an idea from concept to finished product.

our story

Personalised Gifts, Stickers & Favours made by Printing it pretty.

We design,create and produce all our lovely items from our workshop in the North West of England.

Printing it Pretty originated after a successful  season selling Personalised Santa Sacks.

What next !!! as it’s not Christmas every day. The range expanded organically with new products added for the different seasons and special occasions  that occur throughout the year.  

Have considerable design and manufacturing expertise in research,product development and sourcing new items were added.

With extensive experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of products for the high street retailers, designer shops, on line retailers that sell in the U.K. and globally.

Fully aware of the manufacturing and production process starting with the raw material of the cotton plant following the process of cotton yarn spinning and fabric manufacturer to the production of garments that are made into a wide range of items.

As we are passionate about our products a lot of time is spent on development and research.

We love new ideas and product concepts and we hope you like them too. All our items are product tested our prints for durability by pulling & washing & washing & washing. 

Our aim is to bring to you the best value for money products.

Personalised Gifts & Favours that are designed Made and printed in the U.K by Printing it pretty thus allowing for a quick shipment 

We have made 1,000’s of pretty awesome products for our lovely customers.

our office view

Pretty Amazing

Pretty amazing view

Personalised Gifts, Stickers & Favours made by Printing it pretty.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Use our contact page to let us know what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.




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